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Gemstones and minerals have played vivid roles in man’s cultural history and their magical beauty has made the human believe that they carry metaphysical powers, such as the secrets of eternal youth, healing vigor, luck, and fortune.

However these notions seem mythical in the century of science, we should attest that still the industry of exploitation and production of minerals and gemstones not only as the decorative objects but also as the amulets have been running the economy of many countries and has a powerful part in the world trade.

In this great market of minerals, there is a weak place for Iran, even though this country neighbors Afghanistan and Pakistan known in the trade, the country by itself is less known by its reach geological resources, minerals, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Nikan International group, has been founded by Iranian notion, gathered an international group of professionals, technicians and carvers in Iran and Germany, mostly focusing on Iranian minerals and gemstones to develop Iran’s place in the market, being an entrepreneur to export the gems from east to west for bringing knowledge and high technology in this field from west to Iran, to support talents.

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Nikan supplies Persian gemstones from rocks to different products out of its rough stones in stock; in wholesale, retail and even unique pieces of jewelry and object.